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Monday, 03 August 2009

Mazdaspeed Miata Turbocharger Upgrades


The Mazdaspeed Miata comes with an IHI turbocharger from the factory.  Their turbochargers aren't known for their reliability so instead of upgrading the IHI, BNR Supercars engineered a highly customized TD05 Mitsubishi CHRA to fit the factory turbine housing. 

 This upgrade bolts up to your factory exhaust manifold and downpipe.  Uses existing Mazda OE water lines, water banjo fittings, oil feed banjo fitting, and the oil drain tube.  The comrpessor housing is upgraded, turbine housing is machined to fit the mitsubishi center section, and the factory wastegate actuator is replaced with an aftermarket, fully adjustable wastegate actuator.  There are 2 wastegate opions (11-16 psi or 15-26 psi).  Most customers choose the 11-16 psi actuator in the MSM applications.

Center housing rotating assembies are assembled and balanced in house.   The bearing housing is engineered custom by BNR Supercars to work with Mazda's factory water and oil connections.  The standard turbine wheel of choice for all the turbocahrgers is the TD05H.  We also carry a high flow TD05 for HP goals from 400-450.  There are many choices for compressor wheels.

  1.  Standard small 16G (max rated at 320 BHP)
  2.  EVO10 (max rated at 365 BHP) 
  3.  EVO 3 (max rated at 390 BHP) 
  4.  18G (max rated at 400 BHP)
  5.  Billet 18G (max rated at 440 BHP)
  6.  Cast 20G (max rated at 425 BHP)
  7. Billet 20G 475 BHP
  8.  FP HTA 68 billet (max rated at 410 BHP)

All parts are very high quality and we stand behind our work with a 1 year warranty.  The rotating assemblies are all balanced to .5 gram/in2 to ensure a long lifespan that is vibration free!

 Here is what you get with a BNR Supercars Mazdaspeed Miata turbocharger upgrade:

  • BNR's custom bearing housing (fits all OE water and oil lines)
  • Compressor side upgrade (2.5" inlet/1 7/8" outlet)
  • Turbine wheel is upgraded to a TD05H or high flow TD05
  • Upgraded comrpessor wheel of your choice
  • 360 degree high performance thrust bearing
  • Rotating assembly is balanced to .5 gram/in2
  • Ported wastegate
  • Adjustable wastegate actuator
  • 1 year warranty!





BNR MSM Small 16G

 The Standard small 16G is a moderate upgrade for the MSM.  For those just wanting a replacement with some mild HP gains, this one is the one for you.  With the standard 16G, spool up charactoristics will be similar to stock!

No ImageNo Image

No ImageNo Image

Standard 16G price $1150 with core



BNR MSM (EVO 3 or EVO X) Turbocharger Upgrade

  • No ImageNo ImageNo ImageNo Image


BNR MSM (EVO 3 and EVO X) Price:  $1150

(core required on build)




BNR MSM 18G Turbocharger Upgrade


BNR MSM (18G) Price:  $1150

(core required on build up)



BNR MSM 20G Turbocharger Upgrade


BNR MSM (20G) Price:  $1150

(core required on build up)



BNR MSM (HTA68) Turbocharger Upgrade

No ImageNo Image

No Image No Image
No Image

BNR MSM (HTA68) Price:  $1250

(core required on build up)










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